Business Development is an integral way to understand the client’s mind.

The question I ask myself is, since BD is such an important part then shouldn’t the top management take out time off their busy office-meetingschedule and make it a point to meet their clients or do a pulse check to add new dimensions to their products.

During one of my BD for Training, I  came up with a small challenge. My client was very keen to go for active Stress Management session. By this I mean that my client did not want to go for just the presentation or the “gyan” session on how to cope up with the office stress.

Being a trained Aerobics Instructor, I personally go out of my way to provide this dynamic team-building activity to my client as part of my wellness package. Me and the HR lady, we both brainstormed as to how can we have the most effective stress management session within the prescribed budget and the boardroom office space with provisions for 15 to 16 chairs and also have hands on practical session of Yoga and Aerobics.

Had I not been an entrepreneur with the accountability of solving my client’s problems I would have simply denied but here I was in a state of fix.


When a client meets the founder or owner of a service provider no matter how big or small the firm or organization may be, the expectations are same- have solutions to their unique problem.

I took this challenge to my stride and came up with a unique solution-

Stress Management Workshop with session highlights being, Yoga and


The result was a success!