International Women’s Day- IWD 2017

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality.

How did it start?

It’s difficult to say exactly when IWD (as it’s known) began but its roots can be traced to 1908.The first IWD to be officially recognized was in 1911, so the centenary was celebrated in 2011 This year is the 106th.

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The theme for IWD 2017 is
#Be Bold For Change#

Encouraging people to step up and take ground breaking action to help drive gender equality. It’s an active message that is likely to resonate with the millions of women, girls and men who have taken to the streets to march this year.


  • Best ways to deal with mansplaining at work
  • Are Women really equal now?
  • Gender Equality- Law/ Arts- Stage Choreographer/Engineer- Science/ Media and Architects
  • Crime Statistics- Violence/ Victim
  • Are we making simply a fuss about it?
  • Do we know that beauty does not come from our appearance? Where does beauty come from?
  • Are we being self-critical?
  • Universal vs Your standard of beauty

What are the perfectionism pressures women’s have to handle?

  • Body Image
  • Relationship/ Partner Expectations
  • Social Pressures
  • Family Expectations
  • Work Pressures
  • Social Inclusion

Proposed Solutions:


1. Relaxation Techniques

2. Exercise

3. Appropriate Nutrition: 80/20 Plan


1. Creative thought process

2. Gratitude

3. Comparing down instead of up

4. Recognizing hidden issues: the myth of being perfect

Happiness has a ripple effect so let’s be happy the way we are this Women’s Day
We are unique!